Beyond The Books

School Cabinet

CPWS is not a building or a place to visit for a few hours for fun and enjoyment; instead it's a platform where perfection is created with great zeal and zest. CPWSians ideals are based on the pillars of Discipline, Sincerity and Kindness.

It gives us an immense elation to work for the school being the cabinet members. It's an opportunity to develop our leadership, administrative and communication skills. Let's not leave any stone unturned to make CPWS reach unscaled heights with our growth so that other aspirants can also avail this opportunity.

The Prefect's Council 2016-17

  • Head Boy - Master Kuldeep Bishnoi
  • Head Girl - Miss Monika Hudda
  • Deputy Head Boy - Master Saurav Anand
  • Deputy Head Girl - Miss Sarabjeet Kaur
  • Sports Head - Master Abhishek Gehlot
  • Deputy Sports Head - Master Surendra Choudhary
  • Cultural Head - Miss Diksha Thanvi
  • Deputy Cultural Head - Miss Alka Kumawat
  • Captain Red House - Master Yashwant Sandu
  • Captain Blue House - Master Manish Bishnoi
  • Captain Green House - Master Prateek Choudhary
  • Captain Yellow House - Master Kanhaiya Mehra
  • Vice Captain Red House - Miss Anushka Choudhary
  • Vice Captain Blue House - Master Motilal
  • Vice Captain Green House - Master Shailendra Bishnoi
  • Vice Captain Yellow House - Master Adhiraj Panwar